The Tasks That Run Bitesize

At Bitesize Irish Gaelic, the business is run with regularly-created tasks for team members.

A team member is leaving us, so we’re in the process of looking at what tasks are being performed. Here’s the actual list of tasks that run Bitesize:

Who What When
Bookkeeper Issue payslips Monthly
Bookkeeper Accounts payable Monthly
Bookkeeper Accounts receivable Monthly
Sales and Marketing Create podcast posts Bi-weekly
Sales and Marketing Create Facebook post Daily
Sales and Marketing Free trials help desk Daily
Sales and Marketing Cleanup of member names on Aweber Monthly
Sales and Marketing Remove old subscribers from Aweber Monthly
Sales and Marketing Facebook Page audit Monthly
Sales and Marketing Udemo course promotion Monthly
Sales and Marketing Schedule blog and newsletter Weekly
Eoin Export bank accounts and budgeting Monthly
Eoin Pay payslips Monthly
Eoin Record podcast Monthly
Eoin Write blog post Monthly
Eoin Review Help Scout converations Weekly
Eoin Update scoreboard Weekly
Sys Admin Address Google Search console Monthly
Sys Admin Update server Monthly
Sys Admin Backup database and sites Weekly
Sys Admin Update WordPress Weekly
Customer Support Facebook comments Daily
Customer Support Help desk Daily
Customer Support Open registration for conversation practice Monthly
Customer Support Pre-conversation session Monthly
Customer Support Review and schedule conversation sessions Monthly
Customer Support Record video for new member On-demand
Customer Support Contact member to interview Weekly
Customer Support Invite to Facebook group Weekly
Podcast Producer Produce podcast episode Bi-weekly
Language Assistant Language help desk Daily
Language Assistant Facebook Group checklist Daily
Language Assistant Write ebomb blog post Language Assistant
Language Assistant Create five quizzes Weekly
Language Assistant Tag Help Scout conversations for blog post Weekly
Language Assistant Record and produce how to say video Weekly

Except for myself, I’ve removed the names of the people involved. The different people involved are in the roles of:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Systems administrator
  • Sales and Marketing manager
  • Manager (me)
  • Language Assistant
  • Podcast Producer

Peter Drucker, management legend, advised to do a tasks audit like this. You then ask:

  1. Does this task need to be done in the first place? (Get rid of it if not.)
  2. Do I need to be doing this task? (Can it be delegated?)
  3. What needs to be done and only I can do it?

It’s important to note that these are the regular tasks that keep the business going. They’re not the strategic tasks that grow the business through innovation. We have other goals on top of these regular tasks that we’re working on, and we meet once a week as a team to keep them moving.