How to cycle

I know you know how to cycle, but do you know how to cycle?

Naval Ravikant spoke on the Joe Rogan Podcast (at about minutes 20-30) about how you can choose to not be stressed. Instead, you can do things calmly with no struggle, essentially ignoring the minor details that might otherwise be distressing to you normally.

On to cycling. Last year, I went through a phase of trying to cycle intentionally at my own pace. More traditionally, I would cycle As Fast As Possible. One day, I was slightly embarrassed to be commuting on my wife’s upright bike, fully equipped with child seat. It was relaxing, though. I realised I didn’t have to live up to my own image of “fast cyclist”.

Similarly to how to walk across a car park, you can also (surprisingly) choose how to cycle.

Ultimately, that lead me to buying a Dutch upright bike for my commuting in Limerick. When you’re upright, you realise that non-upright is the sports version of cycling. You’re walking, on a bike, not running in a race.

Take it easy on yourself. Don’t dress like you’re in a war zone (plastic hat, reflective jacket). Do dress in normal clothes. Go slow, you won’t get there faster. Smile. Make eye contact. And if you’re a budding consumer, go buy a Dutch bike.