Perhaps we need cycle buses for adults

Limerick School Cycle Bus, following on from Galway, has been countering the established status quo that children may not cycle to school. The cycle bus allows kids to cycle to school. It is changing the culture and accepted assumptions.

Adults in Limerick, will more often than not cite being afraid of the road as a primary reason for not cycling to work.

Perhaps cycle buses for adults is an unreasonable yet habit-changing approach to break through the status quo. Cycle buses (cycling together) mean:

  • It’s social
  • Safety in numbers
  • Huge space usage reductions for our public spaces

So who in Limerick needs to cycle from Caherdavin to the city centre for 9am? Or Castletroy to the city centre? Or the city centre to Raheen? Shout, organise, coordinate. You may not realise who else might join you if you ask them.