Accepting the time that you have

There’ll always be more things to do that you can get done. Either do what you can with what you have, or feel like you’re always losing to “time”.

I was talking with the Bitesize Irish Gaelic team about what we can get done for the next three months. One person noted that with one team member down (a team member is leaving) and only working on it part time (no-one works for the company fulltime), that what we are limited in what can be done. The point was, if the company was big enough to hire a couple of people fulltime that more could get done.

It’s a valid point, but there’s always more to do. If your business has 10 people, there’ll be more to do. If you have 200 people, there’ll be more to do than can be done. Same (or especially) for companies 10x that.

So it comes down to relying on the principle of prioritisation. You can’t escape from thinking strategically and prioritising you, no matter what the size of the operation is.