Business as a game of Ludo

In a game of Ludo, you can be faced with a choice of moving one of the blue pieces, position 1 or 2.

The first piece has just come onto the board and has to go all the way around. They have a lot of opportunity ahead of them, but it’s not clear when they’ll get to the end, if ever.

The second piece is almost on the home straight. They’ve spent a lot of dice rolls to get here, but not much to show for it just yet. Just another move and they could be finished safely. But if they get caught or distracted here and fall out of the game, it’s a relatively big loss of invested dice rolls.

At Bitesize Irish, we have a choice of focusing on person 1 or person 2. We have only so much time, so who should we help? Either could become a customer.

Unlike Ludo, there might be a hundred people who get to position 1 for every one person to reach position 2. It can feel like a big opportunity to help all the people in position 1.

But the person at the second position is almost there. They deserve our attention.