Buying multiple domains for one site in the past asked whether you should set up multiple web sites, or concentrate on just one.

Here’s a problem I’ve been grappling with for years:

  • For a given web site, do you buy all related domains and misspelling domains related to your site?

The answer is no! (Took me a while to come to a decision, and of course some others don’t agree.).

Don’t purchase misspelling domains. A prerequirsite rule for that is: don’t have a web site name whose spelling isn’t obvious.

Don’t purchase 100 similar domains. It’s not worth it. Get a good domain for your site, and stick with it.

You won’t be able to surpress competitors just by buying up similar domain names. There will always be ways for them to purchase alternative domain names with clever usage of keywords. Moreover, they don’t need a domain containing the target keyword if they publish good quality content.

Instead of buying up domain, concentrate on your content for your visitors. Go on the offensive, don’t be defensive.