What’s the best use of our public space?

We own our public space. We agree to manage the space in the public’s interest.

Let’s take Landsdowne Park, Limerick as an example:

The space is being used as a road and footpath (and a green area starting on the right).

What space is available to us, assuming we keep a two-way carriageway, with vehicle access to the house? We could end up with some extra space on our hands:

Are we currently using this public space in its best way, even assuming it should still be a road? What are other ways that space could serve us? Which ways could better serve us than currently?

And Shelbourne Park coming onto Shelbourne Road:

What if we took away only the space still needed for the two-lane carriageway to this residential area?

Is the current use of our space best serving us? What could this public space do for us?

Let yourself dream really BIG: what about starting with a tree and flowers, rather than tarmac?

If you refuse to dream big, and believe the space in its current form is the best of all possible uses, what underlying assumptions and beliefs make you think that? What do you feel when you see the photos with overlays above?