Being non-normal compounds

Do you meet some people and think to yourself, “This person isn’t normal, are they?”. They might not fit into your curated boxes of categories of people.

Someone said to me lately, “You have some f*cking crazy ideas”. And that wasn’t coming as a complement from them. What’s normal then, having no ideas?

On the one hand, striving to be “normal” takes much effort, because your motivation is primarily to be average. On the other hand, trying to be normal is also paradoxically easy, because it’s the default mode to life. In this mode you don’t need to ask why something is the way it is, because it just is.

Non-normality compounds, at least from an external perspective. Because non-normality is a way of life, it makes everything you do possible seem f*cking crazy. That’s not enough reason to strive to be average.