Limerick is not ready for…

Declaring school streets outside each school.

Using O’Connell Street as a place to walk and be.

Assigning one lane of Shannon Bridge to be a cycle way.

Level foothpaths.

Giving money to employers to discount the Shannon tunnel for their employees.

Giving a yield to people cycling at red lights.

Regular community walks to test out pedestrian light timings with traffic engineers, the elderly and the young.

Transforming residential street to one-lane one-ways that are not rat runs.

Pedestrian networks throughout our residential streets.

Moving street signs to the edge of footpaths.

Declaring Sarsfield Street a human bridge.

Building a bridge for humans crossing the Shannon.

Changing our roundabouts from two to one-lane, pedestrian and cycle crosses at each.

Informal pedestrian crossings throughout the city.

Declaring a 30kmh zone across the city.

Converting Hassett’s Cross to be a community roundabout.

Adult cycle buses to get to work.

School cycle buses to every school.

Continuous footpaths.

Trees at the train station.

A red cycle lane network.

Coke bikes throughout all the suburbs and colleges.

Converting on-street parking.

Street trees.

Cargo bikes.

Kids cycling to school.

Pedestrianising O’Connell street every Sunday.

… but you’re never ready to try something new, because it might not work out.

Waiting to be ready is a strategy to fade into the oblivion. Instead, lean in, and be courageous. You never know, it might even work out.