Cookie-free site?

There was a justified rant about browsing the web in 2019:

It is the choice of the people/businesses running those sites you browser who chose to use those features. The universe does not deem that every web site needs to set cookies for you to receive that HTML.

Can you visit a plain web page without getting a cookie notification? Indeed you may, as long as the page does not also request your browser to save a cookie.

Are are the implications of this? The site won’t be able to track you through the site. It won’t be able to identify where you came from originally as you browser the site. It won’t have third-parties setting cookies, such as for Google Analytics and ads.

As Justin Jackson said, This is a web page. We have the choices, even in the business world, whether or not we want to follow cookies, notification, geo tagging (and the list goes on).

(Note: I’m referring to marketing sites. Those blog posts with information, or home pages for navigation. Web applications do need cookies or similar local storage to remember who you are, that you are logged in. Even those choose to set marketing/tracking cookies.)