He showed up

I was at a gig, and I felt the power of the universe trying to get the musician to give up on his music. Yeah, but he showed up.

It was advertised on lamp posts, which is how I heard of the gig. Later, it turned out he got the pub in trouble. He paid the €300 fine, and apologised publicly in a video message.

I went up to the gig when it was about to start. I bumped into an old schoolmate. Later, I realised that the schoolmate was the doorman, collecting money. There wasn’t any money collected for the gig yet. I put my €5 in.

The musician was playing. There were five, ok maybe 10 in the room. It was good original music. The emotional labour he had put into these tunes could be felt. This was the culmination of his life’s energy.

It was an empty gig. Or, another way to look at it is that he started with ten. He showed up. keep going, man.