How Seth Godin does email

Seth has as influence on this blog. It’s the reason I’m testing out writing daily on it. He argues that you don’t need to justify creativity (creating things) for an end goal, it can already justify its own existence.

Patrick Collison of Stripe recently recommended showing your thanks to others:

So I sent a short “thank you” email to Seth for his output, particularly his Akimbo podcast.

Seth replied to my email that morning, saying he was glad that it was resonating. His email was briefer than mine. I don’t think it was capitalised. There was not sign off “Regards, Seth”. There was an ad in the email footer to the email client he was using that aims to be really fast.

So there you have it. It seems, from my sample of one, that a producer of ideas and content like Seth gets things done by processing them quickly, and moving on. Good inspiration!