The humans around you are only human

All the creativity, skills, productions, and achievements you see all around you are all by humans.

OK, we have innate skills that we seem to be born with. Others are born with skills different to yours. But they were born, were little kids, and are now adults at some stage of their lives.

That fantastic music you’re hearing, by a human. That novel you’re readying, by a human. That launched business, by human. That social movement, by a human.

This is all very 2019 of me. In 2021 I guess all this will be done by artificial intelligence in any case 😉

Again, to look at others and think how they had greater starts than you is missing the point. They are only human, and had to work at whatever they created.

You’re only human too, and can only do so much. But you can do something.

In this world of celebrity celebrities, celebrity business people, celebrity [you name it], it’s easy to think that those people are in a different world, but they indeed are only human and have still have created so much.