What I’m doing now

A day of my life is much more mundane than below. But I’m still happy to share these highlights.

I’m playing

Rollerblading! Only a month or two ago I wanted to go back rollerblading but was worrying too much about what others would say. Now I’ve tried it out in three parks in Limerick (Mungret – the best for blading of these three, Shelbourne Park and Mayorstone quarry). Surprisingly, I found out that a lot of kids don’t know what rollerblades are (they ask “what’s that?”). My kids cycle or scoot around with me.

Doodling. I get out colouring pencils about every week and do a drawing. I wrote a poem!

Damn camera filters. Night out in Limerick with friends – thanks S&N!

Enjoying friends and family. Garden drinks, park walks, pub meetups, takeaway pints, ate out on a cycle, Bunratty, Ennis pool.

Bodyboarded. It was a dreary day on Inch beach. I ended up jogging it, and on the way back decided to rent a wet suit. I spent the time bodyboarding, which was invigorating. Swam with the kids a couple of more days. I’ve since got a wet suit and my own bodyboard so we’ll be back in the sea soon.

Dunmore head, Dún Chaoin.

Adventuring. Simple things like I ate breakfast in the People’s Park (Limerick). Walked Kings Island (Limerick) getting to know the local river walk. Spent a night in Daingean Uí Chúis, and explored around old spots. Heard Gaeilge on the beach. Cycled to UL with the family – a first for us.

I’m growing

Shout out to #PsychologyTiktok – lots of inspiration! Am I the only one who takes notes from TikToks?

On the path of seeing what’s reality, being more real. Getting to know attachment theory.

Breaking a sweat most days (weights, rollerblading, yoga, or whatever).

Going with the flow more.

Doing a good bit of Jungian “shadow work” (seems to be a catch phrase currently), although admittedly I haven’t been reading Jung’s works directly.

Singing with the kids quite a lot. I get out the tin whistle the odd time. Recorded a rendition of “Hares On The Mountain” on Dunmore head when a couple of hares ran past me.

And I’m very much appreciating that the local sauna is back in action.

Last updated 25th June 2021. This is a Now page.