“That’s what people like me do”

My neighbour in her 40s has not been on a bike saddle in 40 years, and can’t see herself getting back on one.

That being said, the shared Coke Bikes of Limerick have done three vital things to change the culture:

  • You see people in suits cycling to work
  • You see people cycling without helmets
  • You see people using up-right bikes

Seth Godin said about culture:

If you ask someone about a cultural practice, the answer almost always boils down to, “that’s what people like me do.”

Change the culture, change the world

Now, how can we amplify that Coke Bike culture? Here are some of my ideas, what about you?

  • For Limerick council: strategically place bike sharing station in residential and commercial areas, not just the city centre, so that people consider biking to work and to the shops
  • Purchase and use an upright bike
  • Purchase an upright bike for your kids
  • Be seen out walking and cycling in your area
  • Cycle to work in your work clothes
  • Cycle to work, make a decision to enjoy it