Crossing paths in Quimper Square

Quimper Square, Cruises Street, Limerick.

I’m walking to work one morning, after parking up my bike.

Crossing through the lovely Quimper Square in Cruises Street, Limerick.

Cruises Street is a pedestrian street, and allows vehicles in for deliveries in the morning.

I’m walking in one direction across the square, and a money delivery truck driver is crossing from another direction. He’s going at a suitable speed, like a fast walker.

He looks through me, it felt. He keeps going; I stop for him to pass.

This was a “micro interaction”, and an indicative one. It was on the working premise that:

“I am driving a vehicle, and therefore you will make way for me, because you are not.”

When transforming our cities to be footpaths, we should keep in mind this working bias. Old habits die hard.