Seeds of Change: Ireland 2019 is like the Netherlands early 1970s

The use of our finite public realm is in the spotlight in Ireland now in 2019. There is something happening.

This was an entirely successful direct action of South William Street in Dublin in July 2019:

It’s in the context of many things defining our public conversation including:

Direct action lead to the Netherlands in 2019

The direct action in Dublin brought to mind specifically of the de Pijp region in Amsterdam, shot in 1972:

That video shows that there were entire schools protesting, and petitions.

In fact, a noticeable difference between Dublin in 2019 and de Pijp in 1972 was that in Dublin there was no reported confrontations. People took to their street. This time, businesses took the opportunity to welcome the influx of people.

Public outcries changed something in the Netherlands in the late 1960s:

Yes, there is something happening in Ireland today. It’s similar to the public conversation that changed policy in the Netherlands into the early 1970s.

Let’s say No, there is a better way. Now, who are you going to connect with, organise, lead and do something about it?