Simple, but difficult, decisions for Limerick City

We could implement these changes within a year, if we decided to change our priorities.

Based on these principles…

  • Principle: we’ll favour walkers first, cyclists second, deliveries third, and drivers fourth

Changes we can implement today

  • Declare the city to be pedestrian-priority
  • Declare ebikes to be the future of inner-city commuting
  • Issue parking tickets for any car partially parked on footpaths
  • Change traffic light timings to prioritise walkers (i.e. next phase will be a green man after you press a beg button)
  • Close inner city to traffic Sunday 6am to 11pm
  • Declare inner city roads to be 30km/h
  • Declare residential areas to be streets, not roads
  • Declare the road should only be as wide as needed, everything else if our public space

Changes we can implement this year

  • School-friendly cycle network throughout the city
  • Re-assign Roads Engineers roles to Community and Street Designers
  • Have these designers walk with a resident of the city to the nearest shop weekly
  • Employ a cycling officer with veto powers
  • Reduce all inner city roads to one lane per direction of vehicle traffic
  • Implement slow zones for all residential areas
  • Any Council road works proposed would be required to implement DMURS
  • Have Bus Éireann mark each bus stop, with a time table
  • Plan Coke bikes for residential areas around the city
  • Flip our triangles around

Why are these difficult? They challenge our very assumptions of our public space. Who has a right to travel through that space? At what speed? At what cost? Let’s keep that discussion going.