Simple personal customer service

Michael Gerber in E-myth Mastery hits on the question of how to design a Client Fulfilment System that delights your customers reliably. He lays out steps of listing all the information you would like to know about your customers to create this delightful experience.

I was at my local library lately. A new librarian was at the desk, and a regular librarian was stacking some books nearby. I asked him if I could pick up a couple of books that I had booked and were ready for me to collect.

He took my card and scanned it. At the same time, the other librarian just went over to the reserved books shelf and took out my two books, and gave it to the first librarian. She had remembered who I was from previous visits, and that gave me a feeling of personal service that’s so different to the average anonymous service.

The delightful Client Fulfilment System doesn’t have to be complicated. Just keep notes as little reminders, so you can connect with your customer later.