Sounds of Limerick City

I was stricken or struck or strucken by Blindboy’s observations of San Franscisco. He noticed that in American cities, you don’t hear birds and don’t get many insects.

Way home from work, O’Connell Street, Limerick

So on my way home from work, I recorded the sounds of O’Connell Street (at the junction of O’Connell Street and William Street):

Look, I’m really sorry about all the car noise. It’s really 1970s of us. You wouldn’t “meet someone for coffee in Limerick city”, fuck that, you couldn’t hear them.

The I went on to Patrick Street and turned off to Denmark Street (where the lady asked me where Cruises Street was, and the last bit is a crinkly piece of plastic rubbish that was on the ground):


I got home to Mayorstone, and recorded this following sound, it’s made me sad:

It’s sad, because this is where we’re raising our boys:

Vote Fianna Fail. Location of the Mayorstone recording above, another day.

By the way, the quirky sound of the Mayorstone recording is for a reason. I put my phone in a ceramic flower pot, so that passers by wouldn’t see it and steal it. This gave the recording an echoy sound.

You can hear the birds of Cloch an Mhéara at the end of that sad Mayorstone traffic soundscape, just wait for the two minutes of drivers to pass by.

Mayorstone Bliss – The Birds

I’ll leave you with this beautiful song of the birds from the same location on 3rd May 2019 at 05:21: