Table of reaching Flow

On the mental state of “flow” termed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, he offers somewhat of a map to reach to state of flow, with boredom and anxiety being feelings along the way (almost prerequisites?).

Chris Bailey shared a chart from the Flow book. In his own words, it’s a bit hard to understand.

Here’s a simpler table to help guide you to flow state (sorry about words wrapping in the cells):

How are you feeling?BoredAnxiousFlow
So, do this:Turn off distractionsTurn off distractions!Keep distractions turned off
Increase your challengeImprove your skillsKeep Growing


  • Turn off distractions
  • Increase the challenges you’re facing
  • Improve your skills so you can take on larger challenges
  • Make use of the flow mental state to create your best work