Would kids cycle to school in 10kmh zones?

Hypothetically, would you allow your kids to cycle to school in your city if motor vehicles were limited to 10kmh? (This is a hypothetical situation, not a suggestion.)

If you think so, would you let your kids cycle to school now on 50kmh roads?

If not, then we have identified the speed of motor vehicles as a determining factor of getting kids cycling safely to school, no longer feeling like they have to be driven everywhere.

So the limit is somewhere between 10kmh and lower than 50kmh.

The EU Commission has already identified 30kmh as a reasonable limit for limiting the number of deaths of people not in vehicles. That’s reasonable as in “a low enough number of people will be killed” rather than “this is an absolute safe limit”.

So determining speed limit for motor vehicles is somewhere lower than 30kmh as low as 10kmh.

At least then we know that a step in the right direction to avoid death in our city is 30kmh, and for it to be enforced. Staying with 50kmh is choosing to limit the freedom of the 40% of people in our city who cannot drive, and encouraging everyone to drive.

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