“Refine your skills to support your instincts”

What do you want to do, in life, like? What template do you want to create?

Taking on bigger challenges is a way to reach a state of flow in your life, and to do so you need to intentionally build your skills.

In her memoir Composed, Rosanne Cash cites an interview with Linda Ronstadt.

In it, Linda said that if committing to artistic growth, you had to “refine your skills to support your instincts“.

What a compass to help choose which skills to concentrate on!

P.S. Composed was recommended by Steven Pressfield, and I agree it’s worth a read.

P.P.S. I take the definition of “artistic” growth very loosely, much broader than someone with a paint brush, but more of “creativity and creating connection”.

Citation from page 111 of the paperback Composed.