This blog’s origin story

Seth Godin recounts his origin story, and eventually argues that we can choose how to write our own.

Separately, is it Godin or Pressfield who argued that you can look at the stuff you do, and realise you’ve been doing your Muse all along?

Back in my primary school years, my dad had what was probably known as “portable computer”. It had a built-in flip-up display. It would boot the operating system off a 3.5 inch floppy disk. It had slots for two floppy disks from what I remember – swanky!

It was connected to a ribbon printer. A ribbon printer is/was essentially a computerised typewriter. Your computer would tell it what to print, and it would hit metal heads against a ribbon, much like a typewriter, to print your document.

Still in my primary school days, I was writing some essays to myself and printing them off. No idea what they were about. I do remember my friend found the essays and had a good laugh.

And that’s what you can do to this blog!

What’s funny is how life repeats and continues itself about 30 years on. If I’m still doing it, there might be something to it. What creative outlet do you have, that you consider so small that you don’t even realise, but you’ve been doing most of your life? Listen to that.