Childhood activities going full circle

When I was something like 10 years old, my father had a ribbon printer at home. Ribbon printers are basically electronic typewriters. You’d request the word processor document to be printed, and the printer would smash out your document letter-by-letter.

I ended up writing some “essays” to myself, and kept them in my cupboard. One day, my friend from school found these and made fun of them. I honestly don’t remember a single topic covered.

I’m aware that this blog is just a continuation of my 10 year old self. It’s one of my childhood activities that came full circle.

When you’re young, you do things because they seem interesting. In adulthood, I find it’s much more of a self-conversation of what should get done before other things. The interesting things often get left to the side, even though they’re part of my being.

For me, this is part of what the Stoics called “living in accordance with nature” (your nature). As Epictetus said:

“What compelled Epicurus to wake early and write? Nature.”

Listening to your childhood interests might help you find your nature.