We may need to be unreasonable with our public space

We drive at the speed we expect from the landscape (road, street) we’re on.

And we can manipulate our street to help guide our shared expectations (although those changes can seem unreasonable from a normal perspective).

At what speed would you expect to drive here? (Quite fast, right?)

Trip to California.

And what at what speed would you expect to drive here? (Not much)

Wine Strand, Kerry. Copyright Google.

It’s hard to see how our normal environment is designed to cater for certain behaviours that negatively affect others in that public space, not giving them the right to Be. The exception to normality can help us see that design:

Car-free day in Mayorstone.

How should we manipulate our streets? Ask the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS), which is mandatory guidance to local authorities in Ireland:

The more frequently and intensely physical and psychological measures are applied, the lower the operating speed.

Section 4.1.2 “Self-Regulating Streets”, DMURS 2019.

What measures do you think could be actually effective for your public space? Do they seem unreasonable?