Why I didn’t buy an electric bicycle

Electric bike

2018, and I was in the market for a new cycling experience. I wanted something a little more laid back and traditional than my hybrid commuting bike. In the end I went with a Gazelle Tour Populair (not electric).

Here were my basic reasons:

  • I’d buy an electric bike if it encouraged me to cycle more instead of driving. However, I was already either cycling or walking to work. An electric bike would have made the commute “easier”, but it wouldn’t have gotten me on the bike more. For other journeys approx 2km, I try to do them on a bike, even with the kids in the back in the bike trailer. If I’m free, I’ll even do the shopping with the bike, but I don’t do that often.
  • An electric bike would gave be 2.5x to 3x times the purchase price of my non-electric fancy bike. And there’s some more added costs you could add like: the added maintenance price with the battery wearing out, increasing my exposure to something being stolen, and the marginal health cost in reducing effort that should be built into my daily life.

Should you buy an electric bike? If it reduces the number of times you hop in your car, please do!