WordPress: Tis not bad

From pre-2010 to 2018, Bitesize Irish has been running on custom software, with WordPress just powering its blog.

I moved this blog back to WordPress in 2018, and realised that it really is a matured platform.

It takes effort to learn and configure, but you can achieve a lot with no coding. You’re benefiting from the big ecosystem of plugins.

The features that I had developed (but as always struggling to keep up to date) with our custom software:

  • Membership logic
  • Payment integration
  • Email marketing list integration
  • Event-based emailing
  • Contact form
  • Course management (create lesson, create week, move lessons between weeks)
  • Marketing site styling

All that will now by powered by the following WordPress extensions:

Our aim for Bitesize is to create a community, a place where people can find a sense of belonging and support each other. We’re going to get there 🙂

For good resources of WordPress, I suggest watching videos by WPCrafter.