You may create for the sake of it

You can create if you want. Blog if you want. Draw if you want. Sing if you want. Create products, businesses, communities, movements, if you want.

For his podcast, Seth Godin was asked by someone who took up his advice, does this listener need to justify his daily blogging. The listener had followed Seth’s advice to write a blog post each day.

Seth’s opinion was that you don’t need to justify creating with a promised end. You can create for its own sake – your own sake.

If you’re up for creating daily, you don’t need to have a business plan for that creation. You do need to create, for your own sake.

You don’t need to settle for a default of creating nothing. You can settle for a life of creating something from nothing.

You don’t need to justify to yourself why you want to spend time and energy creating something from nothing.